Saturday, February 22, 2003

Welcome to my blog. Because of the nature of weblogs, you have most likely read some subsequent postings while you scrolled down to this point. In theory, each posting has gotten progressively more witty, insightful, and well written. If not, well, TOUGH. This is the 21st Century vanity press. I am my own Perry White, Lou Grant, J.J. Jameson, and [insert fictional news editor from popular culture]. I have written letters to the editor, called radio talk shows, and left phone messages for TV producers since I was in college. Sometimes I make it on the air and in print, sometimes not. Even if they publish your stuff, they control the editing, headline, placement, and every other aspect of how you communicate. One horror story is that a newspaper once accidentally deleted the word "not" from an op/ed piece I wrote. Needless to say, that changed the meaning of the sentence.

I must give credit to the folks at powerline for inspiring me to do this. But, as they say in scholarly journals after thanking everyone under the sun, "All mistakes are attributed to the author."