Monday, November 29, 2004

Awards, Attaboys, and Attorneys

Minnesota Lawyer is a weekly newspaper covering the legal profession in this state. In addition to reporting recent court cases and other developments, it sponsors the Attorneys of the Year Awards. Unlike the bar association publications, Minnesota Lawyer is not allergic to conservative opinion. They even occasionally recognize a conservative lawyer as one of the attorneys of the year.

Readers of Minnesota blogs, especially attorneys, should consider filling out a nomination form for attorney of the year. Nominations are due December 3. Here are some possible candidates:

John Hinderaker
  • Won a multi-million dollar ruling for taxpayers in the five-county Milwaukee area concerning claims over the retractable roof at Miller Park baseball stadium.
  • Currently pursuing claims under the Alaska Tort Claims Act on behalf of approximately 700 Alaska residents who lost homes or other property in the Miller’s Reach Fire of 1996.
  • Credentialed journalist at Republican National Convention.
  • Provided commentary on MSNBC and NBC during presidential debates and coverage of election returns.
  • Featured in Time magazine for helping to break the CBS document forgery story on his weblog, Powerline.
  • Co-host of Northern Alliance Radio Network on local Minneapolis radio station.
  • Fellow at the Claremont Institute.

Scott W. Johnson

  • Featured television and radio commentator on varied subjects like the retirement of Dan Rather, the 1973 murder of two U.S. diplomats by Yasser Arafat, and the PATRIOT Act.
  • Publicized on his weblog, Powerline, allegations that National Guard documents relied upon by CBS News were forgeries.
  • Spoke truth to power by debunking claims of racial bias in the legal system in front of a hostile audience at St. Thomas Law School (broadcast on PBS Affiliate TPT-17).
  • As in-house counsel, briefed all officers of TCF National Bank on the PATRIOT Act, Bank Secrecy Act, and other important legal requirements.
  • Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists awarded second place in 2004 for In-Depth Magazine News or Feature for his article on the Star Tribune poll.
  • Co-Host of Northern Alliance Radio Network.
  • Fellow at Claremont Institute.

Elliot C. Rothenberg

  • Expert on First Amendment and media law.
  • Co-author of forthcoming book, Defending the First.
  • Author of Taming the Media.
  • Courageously placed his own professional license at risk in defending First Amendment rights. Although the U.S. Supreme Court did not grant certiorari, he exposed some of the outrageous and ideological classes that qualify for mandatory "Elimination of Bias" training for lawyers. The Minnesota Supreme Court tacitly admitted problems with the courses by cryptically ruling that the Board of Continuing Legal Education should "exercise continued vigilance as it reviews and approves courses for the elimination of bias credit."


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