Sunday, November 07, 2004

Votes, Quips and Quotes

Overheard at the Byerly's Ridgedale Post Office on Saturday after the election:

Customer: "Could I have a different book of stamps?" Clerk: "Sure, what kind would you like?" Customer: "Anything besides the flag ones, I don't feel too patriotic after Tuesday."

Exchange at the Not-Quite-100-Feet-from-Polling-Place Booth:

After voting here in Golden Valley, I grabbed a doughnut from the MoveonPAC people and asked them where the name came from. They weren't sure. Then I said that I thought it was from the impeachment where some people needed to "move on" from their hatred of the incumbent president. I asked them whether the name was kind of ironic given that it was supposed to encourage people to get over their hatred for whoever was the incumbent president. One of the booth staffers actually agreed, but I think the others didn't get it. It was a good doughnut, though. Maybe they should change their name to something less ironic, like "Americans Coming Together." Oh wait...never mind.

Overheard on National Public Radio Wednesday Morning:

"There are a lot of long faces among Kerry and his staffers."

Exchange in Parking Garage ("Ramp" in Minnesota-Speak) Outside Republican Headquarters in 2000 after Gore Telephoned to Concede Election (Before He Called Back):

Parking Lot Attendant: "So, you guys won, huh?" Me: "We all won tonight. You won, too!"

(I should have sent this to Aaron Sorkin, so he could reverse the situation and have a snarky Democrat on The West Wing saying my part.)


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