Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Wodele-esque, Windage, and Vindication

This observation is a little bit late, but the "Kentucky Windage" post is vindicated. Simply add 5-7 points to the Republican candidate in the final Star Tribune poll, and you can predict the outcome of the election. Good thing that the Strib pollster didn't accept the bet from Trunk at Powerline.

D.J. Tice left his job as the (relatively speaking) conservative columnist at the St. Paul Pioneer Press to be the state politics/government editor at the Strib. His defense of the Strib poll is half-hearted, at best. It's OK to print bad polling data if the headline is not prominent? Or if the Pioneer Press slightly over-reports Republican support, thus canceling out your under-reporting of it? Tice's defense of the polling data reminds me a little bit of the former spokesman for the Ventura administration. John ("What the governor meant to say...") Wodele also was forced to defend the indefensible.


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