Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Manners, South Beach, and Lileks

Since I committed to posting every day in May, I should probably do some day-in-the-life writing, like James Lileks. I know, I know. I'm no James Lileks. But I do have a blog, and I do purchase products once in a while. So here goes.

I had been in minor crisis for the past few weeks, as Carbwells low carbohydrate cereal bars were taken off the market to re-brand them as South Beach bars. As time passed and other low carb products disappeared from store shelves, I panicked that they might not be coming back at all. Unlike other supermarket products, this is not something I can make at home from scratch. A low carb, high protein cereal bar that does not taste like a chemistry set is a rare find. What was I supposed to do?

Then on Saturday, I found the new South Beach bars had arrived, with a new chocolate flavor to boot. The shelves were fully stocked, except for one conspicuous hole. The shelf label identified the hole as the place where the peanut butter flavored bars had been. That was my favorite flavor! It seems that someone who suffered withdrawal symptoms like me decided to clear off the entire shelf to feed his habit.

I have been known to stock up on things, but discontinued product etiquette provides that you must leave a couple of packages on the shelf. After you wait a couple of days and the product is still there, then you can clean out the rest.

The nerve!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try EAS bars sometime. They taste great and have what you are looking for I believe.

May 09, 2005 2:42 PM  

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