Friday, May 06, 2005

Pool, Shower, and Arcade

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In the post below, I described the odd reversal of roles in military courts-martial guilty pleas. The defense actually has to convince the judge of the accused's guilt.

From a distance, the Michael Jackson trial seems to have a little of that role reversal, too. Did Tom Sneddon and his team bother to interview the prosecution witnesses ahead of time?

Equally curious is the defense decision to call other alleged victims of Jacko to the stand. After the waters were muddied with all kinds of side issues on the credibility and motives of prosecution witnesses, the case is now focused on swimming and sleepovers with young boys. And these undisputed incidents can be explored without the distractions of the prosecution witness problems.

Some of the conduct at issue seems innocent for most of us. Many people have a television in the bedroom, and it makes sense that the bed is the only place to sit. You might need to lift a small child in order for them to use a full-sized arcade game. But this is a mansion we are talking about here. Michael Jackson doesn't skimp in any other aspect of his life. Who believes that he can't afford a family room with a couch? For someone who spends so much time with children, why wasn't there a platform (or even just a milk crate) for them to stand on when playing video games?

What would be innocent explanations for you and me does not wash for the Jackson defense. We will see if the prosecution can take advantage of these problems of the other side.


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