Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sneddon, Sneddon, and Sneddon

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OK. The prosecution has had some setbacks in the Michael Jackson trial. Could I have done a better job? Probably not. But there are some baffling decisions made by the lawyers in this case. They can still score some big points with the remaining witnesses who concede they slept with Jacko, but say they were not molested.

It is said that a lawyer never wants to ask a witness a question to which the lawyer does not already know the answer. But in a criminal case with no depositions, sometimes it is necessary for the prosecution to ask open-ended questions. And often the lawyer doesn't care what the answer is. Here are my suggestions:

Have you ever showered at all while at Neverland? Did you shower for hygiene? Do they make you shower before going into the hot tub? Afterward to get rid of chlorine? If so where did you shower? When you slept in Michael's bed, did either you or he take a shower before bedtime or in the morning? Did you take turns using the shower? (If there are no separate showering facilities for someone who frequently has boys as guests, it is suspicious. If there are separate showering facilities, it makes boys being seen in Michael's bathroom suspicious.)

When you slept in Michael's bed, did you were the same clothes the next day? What did you wear in bed? What did he wear in bed? Did Michael wear the same clothes? Did he put on make up to your knowledge? Where did you change clothes? Did you ever change clothes in the same room? (It doesn't matter what the answer is, but it puts the focus on the whole creepy situation.)

You say that you think "something like that" would wake you up. What do you mean? Would oral contact wake you up? Would digital contact wake you up? Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper, or do you even know? Were you ever under the influence of alcohol when you slept in Michael's bed? (Maybe he would have awakened, which is why he wasn't molested. Other boys were better targets. Or maybe he was and he really doesn't know it.)

Were there full-sized arcade games in Michael's room? How were you able to reach the controls of the games when you were seven years old? (If there was a stool or something, then why was it necessary to hold Macaulay Culkin to reach the controls? If there was not a stool, and he spends all this time with young boys, why not?)

You say you are being defamed by the prosecution in this case. So being molested is something a real victim would not want publicized, right? And the victim might even deny that the molestation happened, right?

What things did you watch on TV when you shared Michael Jackson's bed? Any premium cable channels? Any R-rated films? Anything that your parents would not approve of? Did you invite your parents to join you in watching the programs? Why not?


Blogger Marty said...

Guilty or not, the whole Mike Jackson affair is just downright creepy.

May 07, 2005 1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think da whitey is out to get him!

Michael Jackson is the best performing "Beat It"!

May 09, 2005 2:47 PM  

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