Friday, May 20, 2005

Transistor Radio, Walkman, and iPod.

OK. So I just won a new iPod in a charity raffle. It says that is for both PC and Mac. My concern is that my slow, spyware-addled Windows PC will somehow hurt the iPod. Will the music sound like a 45 RPM record album played at 33? Will Lawrence Welk secretly sneak onto my playlist? Slim Whitman?

On the subject of my computer, I have three different anti-spyware programs installed. Of course, that may be the reason why my computer is slow. Oh, how I yearn for the simpler days of two computers ago, my Radio Shack 4k TRS-80.

Finally, I hope I did the right thing in keeping the iPod. At another charity raffle, I heard that they were going to convince the winner of the grand prize, a car, to donate it back to the charity. Could the March of Dimes really use an iPod. Will that help prevent birth defects.


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