Thursday, June 02, 2005

Damon, Damon, and Diamond

In October, I reviewed Michael Moore Hates America and its portrayal of former Sergeant Pete Damon. Damon is the double amputee Iraq veteran whose NBC interview about new painkillers was distorted by Michael Moore. Damon was asked about the feeling before the new painkillers, but Moore made it seem like he was a hapless victim of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The war hero is scheduled to throw out the first pitch at today's Red Sox game. How cool is that? Not quite as cool as pushing his son on a swingset, but close.

One footnote is that my earlier post mistakenly stated that he was pushing his daughter on a swingset. In the film, he was putting together a puzzle with his daughter, but pushing his son on a swing. Unlike Michael Moore, we acknowledge and regret our errors.


Blogger Derek Jensen said...

i am in new york city. What a dump. I am staying in a very crappy $400 a night 5 star hotel. This city is a shithole.

I belong on the west coast

June 06, 2005 9:15 PM  

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