Monday, September 26, 2005

Salt, Water, and Stouffers

There is a nice piece in the local community newspaper about a science fair semi-finalist. He did a project on how the snow-melting salt we use affects the ecosystem. Congratulations to the kid. I am reminded of an episode of "Leave it to Beaver" where Beaver's history project was not as polished as that of all of the other students. Without diminishing the kid's accomplishments one bit, it is fair to say that he may have been inspired to do a different project if his mother were, say, a pest control worker for Orkin.

Speaking of road salt polluting our water, I remember my first day of Environmental Law class in law school. The professor read a piece about how road salt affected our environment, ultimately hurting our diets by increasing our sodium intake. I got a little hot under the collar and stated that it was absurd to use the salt-in-our-diets argument because there was way more sodium in a box of Stouffer's Lean Cuisine than in a glass of tap water. The exchange was memorable because I declared myself "pro-road salt."

Can I ever be a nominee to the Supreme Court with such views on road salt?


Blogger Derek Jensen said...

No, you can never be a Supreme Court nominee because you hung out with Shane

September 28, 2005 10:40 PM  

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