Friday, September 23, 2005

Trespass, Murder, and Domestic Violence, Part II

In a recent post, I criticized the poorly timed calls for tolerance in the wake of the Chai Vang murder trial. Tolerance is a good thing, but the initiative happened immediately after Vang stated that the victims "deserved to die" in his murder trial. Vang relatives and supporters made unfortunate statements in the aftermath of the trial, as well.

In this context, saying that the murders could have been avoided with cooler heads and greater tolerance tends to blame the victim. It may also be completely false. Investigators want to question Vang in the unsolved murder of Jim Southworth, who was shot in the back near his tree stand four years ago. If the many apparent similarities between the cases hold up, we may have a serial killer instead of a victim of an unfortunate misunderstanding.


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