Monday, September 19, 2005

Trespass, Murder, Domestic Violence

I have written about the tendency to blame the victim when there are allegations of "bullying" or racism -- click here and here. Racial reconciliation is a very important goal to me. But when you link it to a murder victim, you defame someone who is no longer able to defend him/herself.

A recent editorial and column about the murders by Chai Vang continue the defamation of the victims. They should have calmed down when confronting a trespasser. We need more understanding of cultural differences, etc, etc. The problem is that the victims did not choose the race of their murderer. Also, we know that Vang had an arrest warrant pending for failure to pay a fine for another trespassing charge. That could have been the motive for the killing. At the very least, it casts doubt on the allegation that it was a big misunderstanding. There is also evidence of domestic violence and death threats against his wife, along with an eerily similar unsolved murder in Wisconsin.

There are many reasons to promote non-violence and racial reconciliation. However, I am afraid that Chai Vang is not the poster boy for this effort.


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