Friday, September 16, 2005

Wind, Rain, and Snow

One of my old college roommates, Dan Corcoran, is a self-employed architect. He and eight others from Seattle are traveling to the Gulf Coast to help construct shelters for emergency workers. He is requesting small donations to defray his airfare.

World Shelters is a small business that has invented a unique temporary shelter that protects against the weather better than the plastic sheeting delivered in vast quantities to disaster victims by government agencies. They helped out in the recent Tsunami crisis and recently converted their corporation into a 501c3 non-profit designation.

I can personally vouch for Dan Corcoran. He is asking for help with his own airfare and the expenses of the Seattle crew. The rest will go to World Shelters. He is asking for small dollar donations. This seems like a nice way to help a specific effort in this disaster.

Here is the e-mail from Dan:

Being raised in Montana where we pride ourselves on a
homesteading self-sufficiency, it's not often I'll ask you this.

I am volunteering the next two weeks or so to travel to Biloxi, MS
(Harrison County) with a group of 8 from Seattle to help World
Shelters (Arcata, CA based) construct 60 emergency shelters for
localfirefighters and emergency management personnel
gathering in the area.

I'm looking to raise money to cover my airfare down and back
and offset costs our group will incur in provision food, water, and

Our group from Seattle will be clearing sites of brush and debris,
unpacking the shelters, and assembling them on several sites.
More waves of volunteers will follow us as the demand for World
Shelters services increases in the area (several agencies have
expressed interest).

We are being co-ordinated by FEMA, the Mississippi Emergency
Mgmt Agency (MEMA), and the local Harrison County Fire Dept.

We are all volunteering our time and loaning tools and gear for
the deployment, and have paid airfare to fly into Mobile, AL
(Monday 9/19).

Being self-employed, I have no vacation/sick leave/etc. to tap for
this time away from gainful employment. But also because of this
I have the flexibility in schedule to help out in a way many

Northwest airlines has given us discounted tickets costing $320
each, so my initial goal is to raise $320. Any over this amount I
will donate World Shelters/our Seattle crew to cover our
provisions etc. We anticipate spending nearly $10,000 over
several weeks of constructing shelters.

I'd like to ask for your donations in any amount, from $5 to $50.

You can paypal ( them to me at


Or mail them to my address at:

daniel Corcoran
Seattle, WA

I will be in Seattle until Monday morning, and will be over at
Shelly's house party Saturday night.. you can donate there in
person if you'd like!

World Shelters is a 501(c)(3) corporation and tax receipts will
be available (when I return).

Thank you for helping us provide support to those in dire need.




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