Monday, October 31, 2005

Cheers, Boos, and Speeches

Some people still don't get it. An op/ed piece (and several letters) in the Minneapolis Star Tribune revises history to say that a single speech was the only thing wrong with the Wellstone memorial three years ago. The documentary, Wellstone!, makes the same error. I discuss the situation at length in my post below.

It was not just the speech of Rick Kahn, but the speeches of the sons (who were understandably in shock, losing both parents and a sister) and Senator Tom Harkin, as well as the cheers and the boos (mostly of republican politicians) in the arena. Aside from Vin Weber, Republicans mostly kept quiet in the hours after the memorial. Governor Ventura of the Independence Party made the most noise on the cable news channels the next morning. Ventura also walked out of the memorial. If former Vice President Mondale had walked out of the event, instead of clapping along, he would be in the Senate today.

And they still fail to mention the pilots, Richard Conry and Michael Guess.


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