Sunday, November 27, 2005

Links, Fair, and Balanced

Check out this page from C-SPAN, featuring links to various blogs. Is your favorite listed? Upon closer examination, certain popular and prominent conservative blogs are not listed, such as Michelle Malkin, Powerline, and Captain's Quarters.

I doubt that any of the excluded blogs will be harmed by the oversight. They are doing just fine without a link from C-SPAN. But it seems odd that they are not listed. Perhaps a web designer at the network was substituting his/her favorites, instead of listing the most common blogs.

Another interesting note is that C-SPAN was the original "fair and balanced" cable network. I recall that they had to put in separate phone lines for call-in shows (Democrat, Republican, Independent) because of accusations of a pro-conservative bias. It seems that whenever a new outlet for political expression starts up, conservatives jump at the chance. This is seen in talk radio, cable news, and the Internet. In the case of C-SPAN, I believe that the apparent lopsided telephone response was simply more conservatives watching and participating. Whether or not the mainstream media are liberal, it is undeniable that many conservatives believe in liberal media bias. If follows that these conservatives have more motivation to embrace new media outlets.

None of this explains the missing blogs from C-SPAN's website. Not the end of the world, but it is mildly interesting. Mildly interesting -- kind of like SwanBlog!


Blogger Derek Jensen said...

You can trace the decline of America to the following three events:

1. The adoption of a graduated and progressive income tax

2. The adoption of a system of government education of our children

3. The movement away from a rule of law to a rule of the majority

November 28, 2005 2:34 PM  
Blogger cspanjunky said...


Found this site doing a Google search for "blogs and c-span"...

Off topic??

To: U.S. Congress and the FCC

We, the undersigned, while believing in the importance of a Free Market and Freedom of Speech, also believe in the importance of The Public Airwaves to be used as mandated by the FCC "...In the Public Interest, Necessity, and Convenience." We believe the use of The Public Airwaves is crucial to spread knowledge, culture, and civics. We therefore write to petition you to consider major changes in the allocation of the Broadcast Spectrum.

The Public Airwaves are a Vast Toxic Wasteland.
Congress needs to hold hearing on THE STATE OF THE AIRWAVES.
They would find:

1) That the Broadcast and Cable companies have not lived up to using the Public Airwaves, as the FCC mandated "... in the spirit of Public Interest, Necessity, and Convenience."

2) That the FCC and Congress have " given away, rent free", the Public Airwaves.

3) That the Broadcast and Cable companies have "... made so much money doing IT'S worst, IT can't afford to do better."

In the 1990's the FCC, with much support from the Congress, auctioned off portions of the Broadcast Spectrum. One portion of the Spectrum that was being auctioned would potentially reach 16 million customers (citizens). Almost as many people as the population of the state of Texas.

That particular portion sold for $3.00. Three dollars! When former FCC chairman Reed was asked to comment, he said "...I wish I had three dollars".

This cavalier policy and stewardship of the Public Airwaves has been good for the Broadcast and Cable companies, and their stock holders. And absolutely hideous for Civics, Public Affairs, and Democracy.

Before 2009, the FCC will give away more of the Public Airwaves, worth between 80-100 billion dollars. Once again, the Public will be outside, looking in, as the Broadcast Spectrum goes to the highest campaign contributors.

What does the Public receive from the License holders, for their use of the Broadcast Spectrum? Inexpensive Cable and Satellite packages? Intellectually stimulating programs broadcast into our homes at no charge? Choices and Diversity? Event coverage and programming with redeemable qualities? Or is it "...500 channels and still there's nothing worth watching".

There are many Independent, Grassroots, and Localized ways to use the Broadcast Spectrum. But on the National level, the Country needs more Public affairs, more Civics. The unedited, undefiled paradigm C-SPAN has perfected, is the only thing We can all agree on. It promotes Democracy and Participation. Not even the corporate media conglomerates can be against Democracy.

We therefore call on the Congress, and the FCC, to hold hearings on the benefits of more C-SPAN. And to take steps to move forward with the endeavor of creating more C-SPAN Companion Networks. When there is more than enough Broadcast Spectrum to dedicate to Civics, Culture, History and Democracy, We should not allow greed to get in the way of the Public Interest, Necessity and Convenience.

Put the Public back in the Public Airwaves.

Sign the petition to support more C-SPAN

January 22, 2006 8:14 AM  

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