Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Church, State, and None of the Above

We had a choir director in junior high, Patty P., who was very concerned about the separation of church and state. Our "Winter Concert" included general seasonal songs like "I Love Snow" and selections from the musical Cabaret. One of the seasonal songs was about a fruitcake recipe. I remember that we sang in unison about pouring flour and folding in eggs. Unfortunately for Patty, "Fruitcake" had one line that referred to Christmas. At the first rehearsal, we were instructed to take out our pencils, cross out the c-word, and add a two-syllable substitution. I don't recall what the substitute word was.

This would be another anecdote in the War on Christmas, except for a little twist. Patty took the separation of church and state quite literally. She did not insist on the separation of synagogue and state. So we warmed up our voices with "Shalom Chaverim," belted "Sing We Now of Hanukkah" at the Winter Concert, and sang about Passover at a later concert.

Incidents like this are the reason why people are finally starting to insist on saying "Merry Christmas."


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