Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hope, Holidays, and Hope

This is a good time to reprint Poppa Andrade's comment to this post:

Just a quick comment on Bob Hope, whom I carried around Viet Nam in a C-130. He gave up his Christmas every year to go overseas from WWII until he was too infirm to be able to do the strenuous travel that his tours entailed. Sure, he always got a great show out of it once he was on tv, but his show was always oriented on entertaining the troops, not on his future tv show. He did his tours in jungle heat, arctic cold , at sea and in actual combat areas where his safety could not be insured. For all of his bragging Franken will never touch Hope's record. Plus Bob Hope was actually funny, something that Al Franken has forgotten to be lately(if he ever was)


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