Monday, January 09, 2006

Blois, Brodkorb, and Blogs

I am back from hiatus with a new laptop. I posted a couple of comments over at Minnesota Democrats Exposed concerning the defamation lawsuit filed by Blois Olson.

To recap, my understanding is that Buck Humphrey approached the U.S. House campaign of Colleen Rowley looking to do political work. There is a dispute over exactly when this meeting took place. Blois Olson of New School Communications contends that it was before Humphrey worked at New School. Minnesota Democrats Exposed contends that the meeting happened while Humphrey was in Olson's employ. Moreover, MDE hints that there is some sort of conflict of interest for Olson to criticize the Rowley campaign. The implication is that Olson was punishing Rowley for failing to hire New School Communications.

The facts about the dates of Humphrey's employment seem to favor MDE. So the only thing that might be false about the report would be that Humphrey was acting on his own, or that Olson's criticisms were not motivated by Rowley's failure to hire him.

Check out the posts at MDE and my comments. Bottom line is that I question whether Olson can prove his case.


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