Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Left, Right, and Left

There is a little bit of absurdity in the coverage of the senseless and tragic Everson murders. The 20 year-old is accused of entering his parents' home with a shotgun, murdering his mother, and attempting to do the same to his father in the bedroom. Mr. Everson heard footsteps, got his pistol, and crawled out a closet window to safety.

This is a minor point in a very disturbing story, but consider this bit of journalistic insight:

Marsh Halberg, a longtime friend of Tom Everson's and the family spokesperson, said Tom is a Vietnam vet with military training who reacted quickly to the situation inside the house.

His wife went to investigate a noise. Moments later, he hears a shotgun blast and footsteps coming toward his bedroom. Was it military training 35 years ago that caused him to grab his pistol and look for an escape route out of the house? Or would a non-vet have done pretty much the same thing?

This is part of a larger trend of misunderstanding the military, generally, and Vietnam veterans, specifically. In the past, the misunderstanding was thinking that they all suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and are destined to become homeless or worse. Now, as the left vows to "support the troops," Vietnam vets walk on water. More on this in later posts.


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