Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Diverse, Non-Diverse, and Focus Groups

Here's another reason to cancel your bar association membership. This is from the Minnesota State Bar Association's Legal News Digest:

MSBA Diversity Task Force Needs focus group participants The MSBA Diversity Task Force is conducting confidential focus groups of lawyers to gather subjective perspectives on diversity in the profession. Groups will explore diversity issues in the areas of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability and religion. The task force is looking for lawyer participants from diverse and non-diverse backgrounds to participate. Groups will be held beginning Feb. 22 through early March. If you are interested contact Tram Thai at the MSBA. Phone 612-278-6316. All focus groups are strictly confidential. No names of participants, firms, business groups or other identifying indicators will be used, referenced or recorded. If you have any questions concerning the confidentiality of these focus groups, please contact the MSBA’s Interim Project Manager for the research, Sharon Elmore, at 651-334-1418 or slynnelmore@...
(emphasis in original)

So if white people participate, they make the focus group "non-diverse"? At least they don't pretend that the word "diversity" is anything other than a code word for racial quotas.


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