Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Johnson, Hinderaker, and Melendez II

Remember this post on an intra-law office squabble? Minnesota Lawyer has this update:

The blog of war

Last month, Bar Buzz ran a piece on Powerline blog about a war of words between DFL Chair Brian Melendez and blogger/ attorney Scott Johnson posted on the Powerline blog. (See “Has someone gone overboard in this war of words?” in the Feb. 27 issue.) However, the words attributed to Johnson apparently were posted by his blogging partner, Minneapolis attorney John Hinderaker.

As Bar Buzz readers will recall, the dispute was over ads running in Minnesota supporting the military mission in Iraq. Melendez, arguing the ads were misleading, had said at a press conference that they should be pulled from the air. Hinderaker posted a transcript of Melendez’s comments on the blog and posted a response that the “hatred and fear” with which liberals were treating those trying to get a message out in support of the mission in Iraq was “sickening.”

Thanks to faithful reader Peter Swanson, also a Minneapolis attorney, for pointing out the attribution error. The fact that Hinderaker and Melendez are both partners at the same firm, Minneapolis-based Faegre and Benson, makes the “war of words” even more interesting, as Swanson points out on his own blog, http://swanblog.blogspot. com.

Hmmm. Bar Buzz wonders what Melendez and Hinderaker talk about when they bump into each other in the elevator. Whatever it is, we hope a qualified neutral is present at all times.


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