Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wind, Rain, and Snow Update II

An update to the update below on Katrina volunteers:

From: brookemcmahon@*******
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 22:44:15 +0000
Subject: [WorldSheltersTaskForceOne] Oh my gosh, It's greeen down here.

Hey Folks,

So I just got home, I mean, I just got back
to the Made with Love cafe. I was working for money
in Austin, and it was fine, but now I'm pleased as punch to be
back. I can't stay away too long. I was bribed
with the possibility of a little trailer to live in.
I love tents, but this is getting silly.

And I thought when I rolled in, hell, what are we doing here?
Aren't we a little obsolete? These folks
can go to the store. Well, they can. But the
store is still an hour, lots of these folks don't have cars,
and we still have 1300 people comming in a day who tell us we
are still very needed and appreciated. So I'm going to
take their word for it.

We are slated to leave St. Bernard's in 2 months, but there
is a new kitchen which is going to be born in Plaquermen's.

Hey, I saw a light on in the the 9th ward the other
night. The mountains of trash are much less frequent,
I saw families hanging out on their porches, in their
yards, hanging out of windows, on Elysian Fields.
And it is sooooo greeen. What was a grey, cracked
landscape of flood mud and crap is now a beautifull
field with grass, amarath, clover and someone has planted
sunflowers everywhere. I have found frogs, lizards and large
spiders on my tent. There are these crazy birds that dive
full speed into the water. Mosquitos, too.
I left in Febuary amid a coughing, cold, sick and grey but
diligent and cheerfull kitchen, and I have come back to a
super springy-sping. And it's only like, 105.

Some of the shelters are having some trouble, mostly
the ex-medic tent, which is leaning and sagging,
and the two that were wonderfull through the storms look
like they need a little love and new PVC. I'll be
attacking that tommorow. The medical tent suffers
from too many hippies hanging too many things
from the pvc. So the conclusion is, banana PVC is
ok for a little while, but new PVC is best.

I don't know if you know, but all of your hard work
in the time you all were down here helping really did a lot,
and I can see the ripples from your work in the
continuing, long term (pain in the ass!), relief

Be happy and healthy.



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