Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fathers, Sons, and Controversy

Continuing the discussion from here of the imaginary town of Cityville, another controversy concerning Club Cityville (C2), a civic group, is its sponsorship of a father and son dinner called the Sportsman's Supper. To be fair, C2 also sponsors mother/daughter events. But some claim that the event is discriminatory.

The father and son dinner is not designed to exclude children with absent fathers. On the contrary, C2 includes male role models in the definition of "father," and even helps to recruit them for boys who are in need of such guidance.

The Sportsman's Supper has grown over the years to include things that would interest males: local sports celebrities, giveaways of camping/hunting/fishing gear, and generous portions of food normally found in sports bars. Activists opposed to the "exclusive nature" of the dinner are trying to dissuade local businesses from contributing to the giveaways or participating in C2 at all.


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