Monday, May 15, 2006

Parades, Fireworks, and Dinners

In our imaginary town of Cityville, the local membership organization, Club Cityville (C2), is especially known for its Fourth of July activities. C2 sponsors the local parade and fireworks display. In past years, there were no formal arrangements with the Cityville government. Everyone just assumed that C2 would put on the festivities. Now with insurance and other legal liabilities, there are permits and paperwork galore.

Some have suggested that C2 should become more involved in the town's Christmas celebration, but nothing has come of it. Other big events for the club include the Sportsman's Supper (a father/son event) and a smaller event for mothers and daughters. When Ms. Magazine was initially sponsoring Take Your Daughter to Work Day, C2 gained a little publicity with promoting stay at home motherhood as a career option for girls. This alternative fizzled, much like the underlying Ms. Magazine event.


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