Monday, June 26, 2006

Harvard, Michigan, and Cosby

I had a hunch when I saw this piece in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about local attorney Clinton Collins and Joseph C. Phillips:
The next day at Antoine's Creole Maison in the Uptown area, the audience got to see them get on each other's nerves.

The Republican Phillips is on a different side of the debate about affirmative action and reparations from Collins.

When Collins, an attorney and columnist for the Rake, got up to make his case, he mentioned being Harvard-educated. Phillips joked to the crowd that he wondered how long it would take Collins to mention Harvard. Eventually, Phillips ordered his old friend, "Sit down, please."

Phillips said that before Collins started talking, the two women in the back looked ready to buy books.
Recently, SwanBlog linked to a Center of the American Experiment speech by Ward Connerly on affirmative action. In particular, I focused on the Q and A portion, where Clinton Collins was acting like a boor. An exasperated Mitch Pearlstein, CAE president, had to cut off Collins, saying, "Clinton, we have people....CLINTON, we have [other] people [with questions]."

I had a hunch that Collins might have made mention of his Harvard education at the CAE event. Sure enough, fast forward this link to the 45 minute mark.

Collins also has a column in the Rake Magazine. Mentions of Harvard here, here, here, here, and here in his Rake columns. Nothing so far on his old Star Tribune and Pioneer Press columns, but I have a hunch there, too.


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