Monday, August 21, 2006

Ultra-Liberal Whites, Militant Blacks, and Common Sense

Remember this post? Well Don Samuels has written one of the best things ever to be printed in the Star Tribune:

I read Nick Coleman's Aug. 16 column. I am beginning to get firsthand experience of how the North Side and communities like ours are suffocating under a tightly woven canopy of complicity between ultra-liberal whites and militant blacks -- with threads of unresolved race and class misunderstanding running all through it.

It is that liberal dysfunction or naiveté which Coleman is exhibiting in this case. By that I mean the tolerance for inappropriate behavior from members of my community on the premise that that is how we do business. I mean the propping up of "community leaders" who have consistently demanded the stage to speak for the community over the last few decades, while delivering little. I also mean the endorsement of leaders who have convinced themselves of their cultural relevance. They simply "speak for us" from their delusional wellsprings of intuitive connectedness.

Read the whole thing here. Once again, someone writes the column that I wish I had written myself.


Blogger Noah said...

Don Samuels is right on the money. Thanks for bringing this up.

August 21, 2006 9:21 PM  

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