Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Star Tribune, Endorsements, and Bias III

After the Star Tribune's endorsement of Mike Erlandson to be the Democrat nominee for Minnesota's 5th congressional district, there was this:

Editor's note: Today marks the first of the Star Tribune's endorsements in a handful of primary races in districts with open seats. Our comments are reserved for primary contests that are unusually hard-fought or decisive for the November general election.

Translation: They use the endorsement when it could affect the outcome. Nothing for informational purposes -- just the important stuff. That is the theory I advanced here. In a general election, they will only endorse a Republican if it doesn't make a difference in the outcome. No Republican endorsements in close races.

As a follow-up to yesterday's post about the Star Tribune's candidate page, Alan Shilepsky reports that a candidate could fill in the blanks with a group endorsement, but that most of the choices offered were left-leaning.

I assume that the Strib keeps better tabs on group endorsements after the 1992 election in which kooky candidate Mary Jane Rachner listed a fake endorsement which, when read aloud, was an anti-homosexual slur. Scroll down this page to read it.


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