Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Star Tribune, Endorsements, and Bias Part II

In this post, I talked about the bias in the Star Tribune's candidate endorsement process. Essentially, the Strib will endorse Republicans only if the outcome is not in doubt. This means that the GOP is worthy of endorsement if the candidate will win easily, or if he/she will lose easily. There shall be no endorsement of Republicans in close races!

Local candidate Alan Shilepsky completed the questionnaire for the Star Tribune website. A candidate can list endorsements of various organizations. Alan noted a certain ideological disparity among the organizations listed:

Abortion Rights Council
American Federation of Teachers
Building and Construction Trades Council
DFL Feminist Caucus
DFL Party
Education Minnesota
Freedom Club
GOP Feminist Caucus
Grassroots Party
Green Party of Minnesota
Independence Party of Minnesota
Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association
National Association of Social Workers
Progressive Minnesota
Republican Party of Minnesota
Sierra Club
Stonewall DFL
Taxpayers League of Minnesota
Teamsters DRIVE
United Auto Workers


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