Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Clock Game, Race Game, and Plinko

It looks like Bob Barker is stepping down. In a recent post, I wrote the following:

There are many things to remember about Bob Barker and his pricing games. One seemingly small aspect is the number of military personnel who wear their dress uniforms to the studio. If they are called to "come on down" to contestant's row, Bob will note their rank, branch of service, and how many years the enlisted have served based on the hash marks on their sleeves.

In this era of "I support the troops," it is important to remember that servicemen were not always applauded as they walked through airports. In the 1970s at a soundstage in Hollywood, Bob Barker made it cool for the troops to wear their dress uniforms. Ding, ding, ding. Bob is a winner.
I do not believe it is possible to overstate the importance of what Bob Barker, also a veteran, did. As a reservist in the late 1980s, I heard stories from Vietnam vets. It was not so much that they were spat upon in uniform, but that they took the first opportunity upon arriving home at the San Francisco airport to change into their civilian clothes. What was related to me is that someone would take the returning heroes aside and tell them not to walk through the terminal in uniform. This was a time when Bob Barker stood alone in saluting the troops.

Later, when the show expanded to one hour, the contestants would spin the big wheel to determine who made it to the showcase. For some contestants, it was questionable whether the wheel would make the requisite full revolution. But the uniformed military would always make the big wheel sound like baseball cards in the spokes of a bicycle.

Please tell all your friends to thank Bob Barker for his service.


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Blogger Derek Jensen said...

Observations on the current scene:

1. John Kerry will never be elected President
2. Neither will Barack Obama. He's not going to be Hillary's VP nominee either.
3. Pelosi is going to be the next Speaker
4. Senate is held by the GOP (I would actually be quite pleased with this development - it would likely flush out the old guard from the House GOP, to make way for the Young Turks like Jeff Flake, and would preserve the senate majority for Supreme Court candidates, and generally create "gridlock", which is of course is a good option)
5. Bush does not get impeachedby the new Democratic House
6. Hillary will win the Dem nomination.
7. Hillary's VP nominee will be either Evan Bayh, Bill Nelson, or Tom Vilsack
8. Mitt Romney wins the GOP nomination.
9. Mitt's VP nominee will be either John Thune, Lindsey Graham or George Allen
10. Silver will be > $15 an ounce by July 4, 2007

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