Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More, More, and More Shrimp Boil

On this post, Cyborg 2000 asks:

What kind of topics do the members of this organization feel the need to disucss, where its imperative that no whites are around to hear....?

Me: People like to be with their own kind. People are, on some level, uncomfortable with those who are different. In the majority, it is properly seen as prejudice. For some in the minority, the very same prejudice is seen as "diversity." So the ordinary public scorn for people who self-segregate is missing in a segment of the minority population. White guilt will often reinforce the behavior (which explains the many white law firm partners who signed the letter justifying the exclusive shrimp boil). In addition, there is a rationalization that racism is about power, so no minority could ever be guilty of racism.


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