Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lara, Logan, and Lileks

Remember that we are continuing our documentation of bad journalism from this week's Lara Logan 60 Minutes piece. There is a good comment on the original post concerning her "mounting evidence" claim. We will call that number one. Here are a couple more:

It’s that kind of straight-talk that has become Abizaid's trademark. When the Bush administration refused to call Iraq a "guerilla war," Abizaid did. When administration officials refused to admit that Iraq was sliding toward civil war, Abizaid said it was.

Disagreement among members of the administration and chain of command is not merely disagreement. The journalist picks the position he/she agrees with and characterizes that as an "admission."

"Three years into this war, close to 3,000 American soldiers killed and more than 20,000 wounded. A lot of Americans are wondering how it is that we got to this point. I mean, they still remember the president saying, 'Mission Accomplished,’" Logan remarks.

Did President Bush actually say "Mission Accomplished," or was that a sign on the aircraft carrier? What was the actual text of his speech?

On a lighter note, here is a really fun quote from James Lileks:

Macy's executives will walk out of their offices en masse like moaning zombies, and stand on the sidewalk selling apples to mournful folk music lifted from a Ken Burns documentary. If we don't hit the malls and hit 'em hard, the entire economy will go off the cliff like a Grand Canyon burro with an inner-ear disorder, and you, yes you, will be to blame. Future textbooks will have your picture: Mrs. Marvin Johnson. Did not buy a moderately discounted scarf at the mall the day after Thanksgiving, leading to the Panic of Ought-Seven.

Keep the comments coming on Lara Logan's piece. Fun quotes are welcome, too.


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