Thursday, November 30, 2006

Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, and Original Writing

Yesterday I highlighted a cool quote from James Lileks. Here is my all time favorite paragraph in a local column (Joe Soucheray talking about Rep. Andy Dawkins opposition to a tax rebate, 4/7/99):

And budget surpluses now send Andy to the editorial pages to plead the case that Minnesotans should direct all or part of their rebate to reducing class size, affordable housing, sliding fee child care, polluted land cleanup and the general fund so brand new programs could be dreamed up. These problems are already funded, but the likes of Dawkins truly see a future in which the state births you, feeds you, houses you and assembles you in the town square for calisthenics before you go pedaling off to the straw mat factory on your yellow bicycle.

Maybe instead of quoting these guys, I should just adopt their writing as my own.



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