Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lawyers, Reporters, and Swift Boat Skippers

So we find out that a contributor to Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for Truth in 2004 was also a contributor to some anti-Mike Hatch advertisements in the 2006 Minnesota Gubernatorial race. This connection is important because...?

I will answer my own question by saying that there is an assumption that the Swift Boat ads were somehow out of bounds or scandalous. In my view, however, once they got past the fading35 year-old recollections of what happened on the river, and focused on Kerry's congressional testimony, it was hard to challenge the ads on factual grounds. The most devastating campaign ads used Kerry's own recorded words.

Returning to the Minneapolis Star Tribune article on the person who contributed both to the Hatch ads and the Swift Boat ads, there was an interesting passage about a second supposed connection between the two ads.

There were other connections between that Swift Boat campaign and the efforts against Hatch. A Stronger America-Minnesota is registered in Minnesota with an Alexandria, Va., address. Hatch said before the election that he discovered that an insurance-industry backed group, Americans for Job Security, shared the same address.

The attorney for Americans for Job Security is Benjamin Ginsberg, who was the attorney for the 2004 Bush campaign and for the Swift Boat Veterans.

That's right. You had better screen your attorney carefully when you have your will drafted. You are responsible for every other client for whom your lawyer does other legal work.


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