Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Left, Right, and Rationalization

Check out this nugget from the Minneapolis Star Tribune Blog House:

I believe if you have folks on the left and the right angry with you, you must be doing a good job. By that standard, the Iraq Study Group deserves a huge bonus.

Its report calls for all U.S. combat forces to be out of Iraq by the spring of 2008, for negotiations with Syria and Iran and a new effort to resolve the Israel-Palestinian issue -- giving bloggers on both sides of the aisle something to hate. For liberals, the conclusions didn't go far enough; for conservatives, it was hoisting the white flag.

I have heard this sort of rationalization quite often from mainstream media types. The father of a certain newly elected legislator used to brush off any criticism of his columns in this manner. The thinking is that criticism from the left and the right puts one exactly in the middle, and that the middle is the correct position. There are too many flaws in this logic to mention at this time. But it is good to see that there is a new generation of writers at the Star Tribune to carry on the tradition.


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