Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cardinal, Archbishop, and Blogger

Did you hear the one about the Cardinal, the Archbishop, and the Blogger? Archbishop Harry Flynn of the St. Paul-Minneapolis Archdiosese has had a busy couple of weeks. He attended a rally at the state capitol building against global warming, which led to an exchange of letters with a blogger from of Right Handed Heat.

Then Flynn was interviewed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune article, which touched on the global warming controversy:
Q: You have spoken out several times about global warming. How have people reacted to that?

A: I was happy to speak at the Legislature on this issue. My message was not a political one, but simply that God has given us this Earth and we'd better take care of it. God speaks very strongly in Genesis. It's a mandate, that we care for the Earth. It was amazing the distress that caused some people, the mean-spiritedness it brought out in some. I don't know if that's because of an inability to face the truth or fear of asking questions.

Go back to the exchange of letters here and decide for yourself who is mean-spirited.

Finally, Cardinal George Pell of the Sydney, Austrailia Archdiocese describes the "semi-religious" "mild hysteria" of the global warming crowd in Catholic Communications.

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Blogger Mahan said...

The problem I see here is that the Church, in the form of Archbishop Flynn, is sailing into uncharted waters, because there's actually a fair amount of scientifically-supported evidence that humans are NOT responsible for global warming/climate change/whatever-it-is-this-week. That Flynn decided to take this leap shows that the local Church has not always learned its lesson when it comes to mixing science and politics, and that, regardless of what he says to the Star Tribune, if he is speaking on a political issue in front of a political body, it's a political message.

Perhaps it is Archbishop Flynn who needs to face the truth?

February 20, 2007 7:23 PM  

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