Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Logan, Cronkite, and Bias

Did you miss 60 Minutes this week? Big news! Lara Logan reports that:

1. Some servicemembers are opposed to the mission in Iraq.
2. Some of those who are opposed to the mission are complaining to members of Congress.
3. Despite their misgivings, the troops who complained are continuing with their mission.

Hardly earth-shattering stuff. The only twists that made the story remotely newsworthy were the fact that the troops in question have formed an online group, and reports from Military Times that a majority of those polled oppose the President's handling of Iraq. The irony is that the most newsworthy thing this group of soliders and marines has done is appear on the 60 Minutes broadcast.

If I were reporting on this online group of war opponents, I would be interested whether they received criticism from their comrades. Logan interviews unrelated servicemembers, but no actual "buddies" of the ones in the online group. I would also be interested to know the methodology of the Military Times poll. More on the poll in question here, and a piece on a previous poll here.

Lara Logan is apparently the criticize-the-war correspondent for the Sunday news magazine. SwanBlog covered her brand of journalism previously, as have others. I am starting to wonder if getting active military to oppose the war on camera (out of uniform) is part of a strategy to provide the equivalent of Walter Cronkite opposing the Vietnam War. In this instance it is not the "Most Trusted Man in America," but a supposed majority of our brave troops.

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