Monday, March 19, 2007

Walter, John, and Dick

So I am reading this story about Walter Reed, right? The story talks about how there are problems handing over the hospital to the private company that is supposed to run it. Then I read this excerpt about the private contractor:
IAP is owned by a New York hedge fund whose board is chaired by former Treasury Secretary John Snow, and it is led by former executives of Kellogg, Brown and Root, the subsidiary spun off by Texas-based Halliburton Inc., the oil services firm once run by Vice President Dick Cheney.

IAP finally got the job in November 2006, but further delays caused by the Army and Congress delayed work until Feb. 4, two weeks before the Post series and two years after the number of patients at the hospital hit a record 900.
Read that again. Is the information about Cheney helpful? The company formerly run by the Vice President had a subsidirary with some executives who left, and those former executives now head a different company that recently took over operations at Walter Reed (post-scandal). Walter Reed is Vice President Cheney's fault! I knew it.

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Blogger Mahan said...

Helpful? No. Is it useful in subtly attacking the Vice-President? Yes.

No matter what my friends from journalism school (Yes! I have some!) may say, there is, in fact, media bias in this country, and the journalism schools are responsible for it.

March 21, 2007 10:16 AM  

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