Monday, May 14, 2007

Secrets, Security, and Soft Targets

I have little insight to add in the way of specifics to the foiled Fort Dix terror plot. To paraphrase Woody Allen, we should not ask why it almost happened, we should ask why it does not happen more often.

There is an assumption that Fort Dix is so secure that no serious terrorist would dare try an attack. That may be a faulty assumption, given that Fort Dix is no longer an active duty base. And even so, one of the alleged plotters had a legitimate reason to be on the base, delivering pizzas.

In my opinion, the reason we do not see more of these attacks is that we are not going to withdraw from New Jersey. Even though there are many more "soft" targets in a given American city than there are overseas, a domestic attack would strengthen our resolve rather than weaken it.

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Blogger Mahan said...

It does make me wonder if this isn't something that Al Qaeda realizes now. After all, nothing quite rouses the sleeping giant and fills him with a terrible resolve like an attack on his territory.

Just ask Imperial Japan, Pancho Villa, South "They Won't Fight For A Flag" Carolina...

May 15, 2007 1:25 AM  

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