Thursday, June 28, 2007

Valentines, Winter Games, and Protests

In response to this post, I was asked whether the Winter Games were ever reinstated. Well, the problem was that the principal conflated two things. For years, the choir nerds (including yours truly for a couple years) would go around on Valentine's Day and deliver singing telegrams. The Winter Games, or Snow Daze, just happened to fall during February 14 that year. Choir nerds were not the ones throwing tennis balls and tins. In fact, we were in a concert during the incident that inspired the cancellation.

The Valentine's Day telegrams actually were scheduled for two days. But because of the one-day cancellation, half of the people didn't get what they paid for.

Did the principal relent? No. First it was a couple of choir nerds (not me) meeting politely with him. Then it was time for Plan B. I brought out the headband and urged the Student Senate to support the sit-in. Here is a picture of the whole thing, including a blurry one of my Jim McMahon headband.



Blogger Bill Gilles said...

Speaking of schools, the Supreme Court today ruled on segregation issues. I found this clip from the Chicago Tribune amusing: "While the district's law department is still reading through the high court's decision, spokesman Michael Vaughn said district lawyers believe that the federal consent decree takes precedence over the Supreme Court decision. The decree was put in place after the Justice Department had sued Chicago to force it to integrate. The decree was a voluntary settlement that avoided a lengthy legal battle"

Does that make any sense at all? Some decree supercedes the Supreme Court ruling?

June 28, 2007 2:34 PM  

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